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  • The album featured some fresh new songs as well as remakes of three classic numbers from his Pull days back in 1959.
  • A new album was scheduled for release in mid-2007, that will include new tracks as well as remakes of their earlier hits.
  • The sequel to Queen's Blade, it features an all-new cast of characters as well as remakes of characters from the original series.
  • This title was followed by a sequel, featuring all-new characters as well as remakes of previous characters, and a supplement called, featuring licensed characters from other games and series.
  • Three South Indian films have been made whose plots have close resemblance to Handphone, but they are not officially credited as remakes.
  • Several modules for Neverwinter Nights have been created by fans as remakes of the original Eye of the Beholder game.
  • These conversions often included considerable changes to the graphics and gameplay, and could be regarded retroactively as remakes, but are distinguished from later remakes largely by intent.
  • The plotlines of all three films are almost similar enough to qualify El Dorado and Rio Lobo as remakes.
  • They will release an album titled "DoriMusu 1" which will consist of two new songs, as well as remakes of older Morning Musume songs.
  • Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said "not to think of them as remakes".
  • The album features cameos by musicians Voormann had worked with in the past, as well as remakes of songs that he contributed to back in the late '60s and the '70s.
  • Golan's goal was to release high-quality motion pictures to the American and worldwide film audiences, but 21st Century only enjoyed small-scale success releasing low-budget, art-house films like Eraserhead, as well as remakes of The Phantom of the Opera and Night of the Living Dead.
  • Angela continues to make music, and after her recent A Puro Dolor, she released a new album, Muy Personal, which includes some new songs in new styles as well as remakes of some of her most famous songs such as "No, no hay nadie mas" and "No se como amarle" from Jesus Christ Superstar.
  • Gameworld Network claims that both the 1995 PlayStation game Warhawk and 2007 version for the PlayStation 3 (also called Warhawk) are intended as remakes of the original 8-bit Warhawk.