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  • They are often found near cliffs or large trees, which they use as nesting sites.
  • The lake itself has many stumps, which are used by birds as nesting sites.
  • Several spaces within the walls, including inside the stars, may have been intended as nesting holes for birds.
  • The stick is also known to be used as nesting material and as a weapon.
  • When the queen finds a suitable site, she lines it with plant fibers that serve as nesting material.
  • Breeding takes place in October and holes in trees are used as nesting sites.
  • Part of its designation comes from its importance as nesting areas for migratory and marine bird species.
  • Turkey Point is also home to migratory birds as well as nesting birds.
  • More rarely, rocky sites have been used as nesting sites, even behind waterfalls.
  • Some behavior has been reported within human dwellings using insulation as nesting fodder.
  • The lake contains several small bush-covered islets that are used as nesting sites by water fowl.
  • Its seeds are foraged by a variety of native birds and its leaves are used as nesting material by some native bees.
  • Other birds recorded as nesting there include brown skuas and snow petrels.
  • The blue-footed booby is quite common on the island, and uses the island as nesting grounds.
  • The surrounding waters are some of the richest fishing waters in western Africa and serve as nesting grounds for the entire western region.
  • A very thorough work, including migratory as well as nesting species. Cited from Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest
  • Linden wood rots easily and old trees have many cavities that serve as nesting places for birds.
  • Although both twigs and wool can serve as nesting material, this appears to be deliberate tool use.
  • The refuge is home for to a wide array of bird species that either use the islands as nesting grounds or a place of shelter.
  • Deserted nest built by fish eagles and vultures are also sometimes used as nesting locations.
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