as loudly

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  • He called as loudly as he could once or twice more, but no one answered him. Cited from The Bobbsey Twins at Home, by Laura Lee Hope
  • Twice again during the next ten minutes she cried out as loudly as she could into the darkness. Cited from The Country Beyond, by James Oliver Curwood
  • Waiting until the other was on about even terms Frank called out as loudly as he could. Cited from The Airplane Boys among the Clouds, by John Luther Langworthy
  • And he spoke up at once -- as loudly as he could. Cited from The Tale of Daddy Longlegs, by Arthur Scott Bailey
  • Once in a while he would stop to catch his breath and then he would continue as loudly as ever. Cited from The Bobbsey Twins, by Laura Lee Hope
  • Then he began to bawl out as loudly as he could for help. Cited from Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents, by H. G. (Herbert George) Wells
  • The lord of the manor looked up and down the road and called as loudly as he could. Cited from Three short works, by Gustave Flaubert
  • Let him boom as loudly as he pleased, he could not touch her any more. Cited from The Cathedral, by Hugh Walpole
  • James knew they could not swim; so he began to call for help as loudly as he could. Cited from A Hive of Busy Bees, by Effie M. Williams
  • By a great effort he roused himself, and called as loudly as he was able. Cited from Twenty-Seven Years in Canada West, by Samuel Strickland
  • He shrieked for help, as loudly as he could, but no one came. Cited from The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, by Selma Lagerloef
  • The papers speak as loudly as they please -- why should I hold my tongue? Cited from Marzio's Crucifix and Zoroaster, by F. Marion Crawford
  • I knew not their names, but I called them as loudly as I dared. Cited from D'Ri and I, by Irving Bacheller
  • My brother called after me as loudly as he was able, but I did not heed him. Cited from McGuffey's Fourth Eclectic Reader, by William Holmes McGuffey
  • Few among them were having it in the breast as loudly. Cited from One of Our Conquerors by G. Meredith, v4
  • He whistled as loudly as ever he could and looked at the windows. Cited from A Man for the Ages, by Irving Bacheller
  • When he had finished, he began to call as loudly as he could to the man who was sleeping with his wife. Cited from One Hundred Merrie And Delightsome Stories, by Various
  • You yourself said it as loudly as anyone else at the beginning. Cited from Punch, Vol. 152, June 27, 1917, ed. by Sir Owen Seaman
  • I rang the bell, and then went out and called for help as loudly as I could. Cited from The Jewel of Seven Stars, Bram Stoker
  • I immediately started, and ran towards the place, calling at the same time as loudly as I could for assistance. Cited from The History of Tom Jones, a foundling, H. Fielding
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