as daringly

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  • Her eyes flashed as boldly, as daringly as her royal brother Frederick's when upon the battle-field. Cited from Barlasch of the Guard, by H. S. Merriman
  • She was as daringly dressed as a lissome dancing-girl. Cited from The Yoke, by Elizabeth Miller
  • Using a combination of literary reprints, celebrity worship, criminal exploits, and political exposes, all touted as daringly salacious, he brought the Times Square entertainment carnival to every corner of America.
  • These thefts were in the line of jewelry and the like; and were as daringly wrought as were the modest local operators' raids on ash-can and laundry. Cited from Further Adventures of Lad, Albert Payson Terhune
  • It is often a turn up of a die, in the gambling freaks of fate, whether a natural genius shall turn out a great rogue or a great poet; and had not Shakespeare's mind fortunately taken a literary bias, he might have as daringly transcended all civil as he has all dramatic laws. Cited from The Sketch-Book of Geoffrey Crayon by W. Irving #5
  • I fell into the hands of Bainrothe on shipboard instead of into those of Gregory in New York; this was the only difference, for subterfuge could have done its work as well, if not as daringly, on land as on sea; and the league of iniquity was made before I sailed from Savannah. Cited from Sea and Shore, by Mrs. Catharine A. Warfield
  • He danced a minuet with her at a ball in Washington, was heard to swear an oath by her eyes at punch before the supper was over; and proceeded the following week to spur his courtship upon old William as daringly as he had ever spurred his horse upon an Indian wigwam. Cited from The Voice of the People, by Ellen Glasgow
  • Swaying boughs lashed him, his fur cap was whipped away, and he felt that his face was bleeding, but there was another crackle close behind him, for Trooper Payne was riding as daringly, and he carried a carbine. Cited from Winston of the Prairie, by Harold Bindloss
  • Both sides came away feeling victorious, but Huxley went on to depict the debate as pivotal in a struggle between religion and science and used Darwinism to campaign against the authority of the clergy in education, as well as daringly advocating the "Ape Origin of Man".
  • All Leipzig mourned him when he died, for he was the pattern of the ideal german scholar, as daringly original in his thought as he was homely in his life, a modest, genial, laborious slave to truth and learning, and withal the owner of an admirable literary style of the vernacular sort. Cited from A Pluralistic Universe, by William James