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  • Urban is found in various pieces of artwork usually in one of two forms.
  • The front cover contained artwork, and the back cover showed a list of recent shows.
  • Site-specific art is artwork created to exist in a certain place.
  • Grey's artwork has often been used by music groups on their album covers.
  • We put no energy into the artwork or into anything.
  • The construction is finally over and the artworks are going back up on the walls.
  • With roots in visual art, she has designed her own album artwork throughout her career.
  • Records and told Cool that if he ever needed album artwork that he should call him.
  • The original artwork was still used in the UK and most of Europe.
  • So the band had to retreat back to using their own artwork.
  • Typically, the artist takes the location into account while planning and creating the artwork.
  • The family sold off some of the artwork when they were in need of cash.
  • People from all over are encouraged to perform their own artwork on more than of the main street.
  • At least three different artists painted the artwork inside the church.
  • Artworks of east German artist are seen on the walls of this station.
  • There are several well-known pieces of artwork on display at the airport.
  • Outdoor site-specific artworks can also include dance performances created especially for the site.
  • There is also a series of artworks from the same time period.
  • In New York, he continued to sell the artwork directly from his studio.
  • Though many stores would not carry the album due to the cover, the band did not change the artwork.
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  • noun Photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication
    the publisher was responsible for all the artwork in the book