artistic creation

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  • Info Artistic Creation is a 1901 British short silent comedy film, directed by Walter R. Booth, featuring a lightning sketch artist drawing a picture of a woman which comes to life piece by piece.
  • They have played a great role in changing of his artistic creation.
  • For more than sixty years, he had been engaged in artistic creation.
  • He has since passed through many stages of artistic creation.
  • She was involved in every aspect of the production end as well as the artistic creation and design.
  • It is this: the impulse toward artistic creation always works along lines of order. Cited from A Study of Poetry, by Bliss Perry
  • And the personality he put on paper was partly an artistic creation, too. Cited from English Literature: Modern, by G. H. Mair
  • It is indeed the very principle of artistic creation itself. Cited from Aspects of Literature, by J. Middleton Murry
  • She was in his opinion an entirely artistic creation. Cited from The Spinner's Book of Fiction, by Various
  • Such people have no notion at all of the processes of artistic creation. Cited from The Author's Craft, by Arnold Bennett
  • As such, the act of artistic creation does not take place in a vacuum.
  • This medal is awarded each year to those whose work supports artistic creation and copyright issues.
  • Without the critical faculty, there is no artistic creation at all, worthy of the name. Cited from Intentions, by Oscar Wilde
  • There is nothing left now of the high possibilities of artistic creation. Cited from The Crest-Wave of Evolution, by Kenneth Morris
  • Shaw has done nothing greater as a piece of artistic creation. Cited from George Bernard Shaw, by Gilbert K. Chesterton
  • At the same time it is a novel of reflection about artistic creation and, especially, about creating music.
  • Does the wonderful spread of musical culture in Germany during the last century correspond with its artistic creation? Cited from Musicians of To-Day, by Romain Rolland
  • With these words He called up all the wealth of artistic creation that has been founded on this creed. Cited from Tremendous Trifles, by G.K. Chesterton
  • It is a unique sample of local folk cultural and artistic creation on the national scale.
  • It accepts the things that are as the necessary basis of artistic creation. Cited from Aspects of Literature, by J. Middleton Murry
  • The latter, indeed, can see much to blame if he look at the work purely as an artistic creation. Cited from James Fenimore Cooper, by Thomas R. Lounsbury
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