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  • The station was used to support military aircraft and anti-aircraft artillery.
  • He was never shot down by another pilot, only by anti-aircraft artillery.
  • These changes led to the increased power in the artillery weapons of the time.
  • For reasons never made clear, the land would never be used by anti-aircraft artillery.
  • Some were operated by the artillery branch but under command of the supported unit.
  • The period was also marked by an arms race that primarily affected the artillery.
  • The gun combined all the properties that make up an effective artillery piece.
  • The design of the prison was based on that of a contemporary artillery fort.
  • His officers soon brought an unusually early end to his career in the artillery.
  • Then the player has to stop a German advance and destroy some long range artillery.
  • About ten minutes later, there was a flash and a sound similar to artillery fire.
  • The new long-range artillery developed just before the war now had to fire at positions it could not see.
  • The German artillery fired along a front about long by wide.
  • Several American vessels were damaged by land based artillery fire though none were destroyed.
  • It is clear these weapons had developed into several different forms, from small guns to large artillery pieces.
  • In addition, at least two anti-aircraft artillery regiments were sent as well.
  • In addition, at least two anti-aircraft artillery regiments were sent as well.
  • German forced used the hill as a site for anti-aircraft artillery and the in-run was painted green.
  • Modern artillery is used in a variety of roles, depending on its type.
  • They had been engaged in a day-long artillery duel with the regular army.
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Meaning of artillery

  • noun Large but transportable armament
  • noun An army unit that uses big guns