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  • The school is also strong in some areas of computer science and artificial intelligence.
  • For many years this body of water, over, was the largest artificial lake in the world.
  • The inner structure of the game is actually an agent based artificial life program.
  • The was in fact an artificial growth, and had little real influence.
  • This can be treated as part of the subject area of artificial intelligence.
  • Much of his painting was done at night by artificial light.
  • This allowed the waves to be directed as they approach the artificial sea floor.
  • Central Park is home to seven bodies of water, all artificial.
  • It's much less clear what we see today is the result of such artificial barriers.
  • On the north side is an artificial lake with a little castle housing a municipal library for children.
  • These have included large-scale earth moving and the creation of artificial bays.
  • Nearly all facilities use the height difference between two natural bodies of water or artificial reservoirs.
  • Forty other sport complexes are located within the city, including twenty-four with artificial ice.
  • One example of such a system of artificial symbols and signs is language.
  • Typically a dam is constructed on a river, creating an artificial lake behind it.
  • Some believe that mental events are not limited to human thought but can be associated with animal and artificial intelligence as well.
  • They created the artificial moon, resting until a time when they believe their kind can co-exist with humans.
  • Artificial trees became increasingly popular during the late 20th century.
  • It could also explain which parts of the brain are active when subjects use artificial memories.
  • It was often artificial, although sometimes it incorporated a pre-existing feature of the landscape.
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Meaning of artificial

  • adjective Contrived by art rather than nature
    artificial flowers, artificial flavoring, an artificial diamond, artificial fibers, artificial sweeteners