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  • Recent studies however appear to indicate this being an artefact of research history.
  • The castle today is divided into nine different parts containing many medieval artefacts of historical interest.
  • The museum also contains many artefacts on all aspects of the history of the town.
  • Artefacts from a Roman site have been found close to the village.
  • In addition to the gold, many ship and personal artefacts remain.
  • It can be seen as an artefact and a museum and of course a church.
  • Nor did any of the local residents have any knowledge of either the buried site or the artefacts found there.
  • The bridge has now spent longer on display as a museum artefact than it did in service as a bridge.
  • There is a museum located in the town which contains a large number of historical artefacts from the local area.
  • Only very few remains or artefacts exist that shed light on the early development of the village.
  • When they attempted to move the artefact a great wind blew up and heavy rain fell.
  • Artefacts from the schools' past can be seen in the College library.
  • The team is then asked to answer seven questions relating to the artefacts in three minutes.
  • Old artefacts can be found on top of the hill.
  • Currently, the building houses a museum of local artefacts, and a history and tourist information centre.
  • Church architecture and artefacts provide a useful source of historical information.
  • Many of the artefacts that he brought back to England are now at the British Museum.
  • Individual artefacts from the earliest settlement of the area date back to the early/middle Stone Age.
  • Ancient artefacts were found during the building of the skyscraper, holding up its construction for several years.
  • The hall has a substantial collection of artefacts collected over the years.
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