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  • They are usually a tall, dark people who can be rather arrogant.
  • He never enjoyed the attention to which he had to subject himself, and many people found him rather arrogant.
  • That child became so arrogant and proud when she grew up.
  • Peggy is no longer on speaking terms with him, as his success has made him arrogant.
  • After due to this victory he became very arrogant.
  • She can act quite arrogant at times, but she is actually quite caring and sweet.
  • Being famous has made him somewhat arrogant, and is still harping about fame.
  • She was also described as arrogant due to her noble heritage.
  • She then becomes aware of a well-built, arrogant male devouring her with his eyes.
  • Failing to properly design a new route at its grade is considered arrogant and very poor form.
  • Although he may be a little arrogant at times, he is concerned about his sister and will provide information about potential love interests.
  • He is recognized as rich, and became very arrogant due to his pride and ignorance.
  • It was also said that he was an arrogant man.
  • Very arrogant, and often shows up merely to antagonise the two of you.
  • His friends spoke of his charming personality, but others thought him arrogant and vain.
  • Like all leaders, he's an egoist and he's often quite arrogant.
  • It might be due to this dominance he had over others that he was widely known as arrogant.
  • He is an arrogant, pompous man who acts as if nothing were impossible for him.
  • God views these people as arrogant, and He does not love those who are arrogant.
  • He thought it may have been too arrogant.
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