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  • Upon the arrival of spring, the old man brought them a ship.
  • Upon arrival, they soon joined forces with those already gathered at the Square.
  • One of the most popular features of the stations is the real-time arrival signs.
  • Temperatures often fall below a few hours after the arrival of the wind change.
  • Four days after his arrival there, he escaped with another boy.
  • He had established the house system, in which students were divided into different houses upon arrival to the school.
  • These are the traditional eleven districts that were established well before European arrival.
  • In fact he had been tortured and killed along with two others shortly after his arrival.
  • Upon arrival in that city, he was told that the award had been cancelled.
  • The following year included a great number of new animal arrivals again.
  • Many late arrivals could not get on-board and were left behind.
  • However, these new arrivals found security there only for a short time.
  • Upon his arrival, he finds his contract sold to a farmer.
  • Plans are also in place to increase the size of the international arrivals hall.
  • On his arrival Goscinny went through the most difficult period of his life.
  • And so he came to the settlers shortly after their arrival and reached a treaty with them almost immediately.
  • It includes two large four panel flight status boards, showing real-time arrival information.
  • Most of these changes happened before the arrival of printing in England.
  • There were many more such arrivals over the following two years.
  • The local Dutch population, however, was not pleased with the arrival of the prince.
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Meaning of arrival

  • noun Accomplishment of an objective
  • noun The act of arriving at a certain place
    they awaited her arrival
  • noun Someone who arrives (or has arrived)