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  • The plan failed and two of its members were killed and another one was arrested.
  • The members were arrested before they could follow through with their violent plans.
  • This was the first time a rock star had ever been arrested in concert.
  • After which, he was placed under conditions of house arrest for another nine years.
  • He was arrested for speaking out against the government, but was only held for one month.
  • If we do not do something to stop these arrests, they will continue.
  • He has been arrested in many countries, and there is much controversy surrounding his work.
  • But the arrest makes the front page of the newspaper, making them famous.
  • He is later arrested for introducing under-age girls to men in his club.
  • When Parks refused to give up her seat, a police officer arrested her.
  • After a single day of revolution eighteen people had been arrested and two had been killed.
  • He was subsequently arrested and taken from his home.
  • Those who were not arrested were released from the front door, but they did not leave quickly as usual.
  • People associated with the independent media were also arrested.
  • No arrests were made and no information was released on what was found inside his house.
  • Her arrest and long-running trial, however, gained her great sympathy from many people.
  • Instead police officers would arrest individuals who break the law.
  • He was re-arrested shortly after while driving a stolen car with various weapons.
  • They were soon arrested for not entering Russia through a border control.
  • I did it and I want to be arrested!
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Meaning of arrest

  • noun The state of inactivity following an interruption
    the negotiations were in arrest, held them in check, during the halt he got some lunch, the momentary stay enabled him to escape the blow, he spent the entire stop in his seat