Army Cadet

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  • He joined the army cadets while a teenager.
  • She was a member of the university's army cadets and was a top-scorer on the university's netball team.
  • Now the Scottish Yeomanry's name is only continued by the Army Cadet Force.
  • In addition there were ten unusual passengers - Indian National Army cadets of Indian origin on their way to Japan for military training.
  • Stone enrolled in the Army Cadet Force as a fourteen-year-old where he received basic training in firearm use.
  • In his tenth year he was placed in the 2nd Moscow Army Cadet Corps. Cited from Musical Portraits, by Paul Rosenfeld
  • The Army Cadet College Wing trains soldiers from the regular army for commission as Officers in the Indian Army.
  • Balmoral is widely used as a part of a uniform in Army Cadets and pipe band.
  • While at school he served in the Australian Army Cadets, in which he was commissioned in 1919.
  • The School maintains a well-established tradition of mandatory service in the Royal Canadian Army Cadets.
  • The HKAC cadets are often visited by fellow army cadet corps from other countries and they in turn visit corps in other countries from time to time.
  • The one who seems to enjoy him the most is Sam Bisaillon, former army cadet who worships David.
  • The program consisted of a junior course for graduates of local army cadet schools and for those who had completed four years of middle school, and a senior course for officer candidates.
  • The boathouse still stands on the seafront and has been used in the past as the village hall and today is used by the Army cadets.
  • Today it is used by the Hayling Island Army Cadet Force for there meetings.
  • He also served as an Instructor of Army Cadets.
  • Farquhar was working in the Army Cadet Officer's club.
  • After one year with Indiana, Krzyzewski returned to West Point as head coach of the Army Cadets.
  • The films describe how a group of Indonesian army cadets fights for freedom from Dutch colonialism.
  • He was educated at Brisbane Grammar School, where he excelled in the school's army cadets program.
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