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  • He had for some time thought about the development of a new fast armoured ship.
  • This event is frequently considered one of the greatest large-scale armoured movements in history.
  • Some even had access to armoured cars, though these were makes no longer in service with the regular army.
  • This was often the only way in which a heavily armoured knight could be killed.
  • French had supported the use of armoured cars and aircraft in Ireland.
  • Armoured cars were put into use by the British on the Western Front.
  • This became the largest military training area in Germany of the time and was used for armoured vehicle training.
  • Infantry fighting vehicles are typically well armoured, although usually with less protection than main battle tanks.
  • The anti-tank fire was directed at the least armoured points of the vehicles.
  • The second infantry line was armed and armoured in the same manner as was the first infantry line.
  • The German/Italian armoured Corps infantry attack was stopped in very heavy fighting.
  • To protect its very vulnerable structure against enemy fire, it was placed in a heavily armoured case.
  • The operation was carried out by Indian army troops with tanks and armoured vehicles.
  • A tank is a large type of armoured fighting vehicle with tracks, designed for front-line combat.
  • After the war he remained in the army where he was a proponent for the use of armoured forces.
  • "B" company was unable to advance further without armoured support.
  • The decision to place him in command of an armoured division was soon borne out to be an excellent one.
  • The tank's best weapon against un-armoured targets was thus its single machine gun.
  • The Artillery Corps provides fire support as required by infantry or armoured elements.
  • The independent armoured brigade had been replaced by an independent tank regiment.
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Root form of armoured is armour for the verb.

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