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  • In heavy fighting during the day the British armour made little further progress.
  • Throughout the day a running armour battle occurred, where both sides took heavy losses.
  • These defenses continued in use longer than any other single piece of armour.
  • The pocket would have been closed at the coast if only our armour had not been held back.
  • But a very small amount of mobile armours can be operated on their own.
  • The infantry tank did not need to be fast so it could carry more armour.
  • I heard the ball strike the iron armour, and that was all.
  • Characters also learn the use of new weapons, and may wear new class specific armours in their new class.
  • Most armour and weapons of this period were made from iron.
  • Looking into the forest, he sees a figure approaching, armed and in full armour.
  • Overall, it carried very little armour and few guns as a means of increasing fuel capacity and range.
  • Each knight is in armour and bears in his hand a model of a church.
  • Mail may have been inspired by the much earlier scale armour.
  • The new shape also meant that further, armour piercing designs could be used.
  • He never failed to visit his adoptive mother when he passed by St. Armour.
  • His horse is shown only wearing armour from the front.
  • Before dying, he asked to be dressed in his full armour.
  • As a result the two infantry battalions had to attack without armour support.
  • There were several on board who knew the Armours well by name, and two who knew them personally. Cited from Translation Of A Savage, by G. Parker, v1
  • Those who could throw off their armour swam across the river.
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