armored personnel carriers

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  • Video from fighting during the previous days showed six destroyed government tanks and armored personnel carriers.
  • At least four armored personnel carriers and several army vehicles were destroyed.
  • The battle is notable for its extensive use of armored personnel carriers in both these missions.
  • The game also features levels in which the player drives military vehicles such as armored personnel carriers.
  • Armored personnel carriers are also based near the facility to protect it during a potential assault.
  • Video from the city itself showed heavily damaged streets and at least six destroyed tanks and armored personnel carriers.
  • Unlike police forces in most countries, they were equipped with armored personnel carriers and artillery and trained as military units.
  • The company also built armored personnel carriers, mobile water cannon and pursuit vehicles.
  • They were primarily equipped with armored personnel carriers, artillery, and main battle tanks.
  • Two of the dead, both children, had been crushed underneath armored personnel carriers.
  • Part of the barracks and an armored personnel carrier were set on fire in the fighting.
  • Such a design could also be used in place of an armored personnel carrier or unarmored trucks.
  • Military equipment such as armored personnel carriers, transport and combat helicopters will also be at their disposal to support their mission.
  • Russian special forces spearheaded two dozen tanks and infantry with armored personnel carriers.
  • There have also been dedicated anti-tank vehicles built on ordinary armored personnel carrier or armored car chassis.
  • The armored personnel carrier used during the assault also ran over and damaged a neighbor's vehicle when its brakes failed.
  • Realizing the need for supporting fire, he ran to a partially destroyed armored personnel carrier and manned its machine gun.
  • The unit parked its tanks and armored personnel carriers around the station and awaited further orders.
  • Military vehicles - including armored personnel carriers - occasionally cross or occupy the roadway.
  • The Ministry of Defense stated that the unit would be armed with tanks and armored personnel carriers.
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