armored cruisers

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  • Leipzig was the third ship in the German line, behind the two armored cruisers.
  • The was an early class of two armored cruisers operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy.
  • The Japanese government sent the armored cruiser to return his body to San Francisco as a mark of respect.
  • She was the second and final member of the, the last class of armored cruiser to be built by the French Navy.
  • With very few exceptions, they outgunned every foreign armored cruiser either afloat or then being built.
  • The main guns benefited from their placement when compared to those of foreign armored cruisers.
  • Their armor was only thick but covered a far greater percentage of the hull than previous armored cruiser designs.
  • The following day, she fell in with the transport, and armored cruiser, her escort for the crossing.
  • These ships were designed to carry four guns, a size generally allocated to capital ships and unprecedented for armored cruisers.
  • His company soon returned to the U.S. and after a short break, he was assigned to the armored cruiser for four months.
  • Upon her commissioning, she was the smallest true armored cruiser in the world.
  • Six weeks earlier, the armored cruisers, and had all been sunk on the same day by a single German submarine.
  • The ship was converted into an armored cruiser; her heavy guns were removed and replaced with lighter weapons, including eight and eight guns.
  • Torpedo boats also sank two armored cruisers and two destroyers during the course of the war.
  • During this period, she and the armored cruiser represented Germany during the first Parliament of Australia in Melbourne.
  • The two subsequent armored cruisers, and, were improved versions of this design.
  • Her design was based on the previous armored cruiser, with the primary improvement being a stronger armament.
  • There, they met the British Channel Fleet of eight battleships and four armored cruisers.
  • The Russian commander refused combat because he mistakenly thought that the Germans had two additional armored cruisers with them.
  • The early loss of three out of four armored cruisers of the and classes to mines and submarines made their reserve guns available as well.
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