armored car

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  • We all thought at first it was an armored car of some kind. Cited from S.O.S. Stand to!, by Reginald Grant
  • Armored cars that moved off the road ran into a previously laid mine field.
  • Its fleet includes at least one armored car and a mobile command post.
  • British armored cars drove into the square at high speed, killing several people.
  • There are generally from twenty to fifty soldiers in each armored car. Cited from Cuba in War Time, by Richard Harding Davis
  • He would lead the marching band out at home football games and once even entered in an armored car.
  • They did not even make use of the armored cars. Cited from Russian Revolution, by Petrunkevitch and others
  • From there, the money was moved from the armored car to private vehicles.
  • Generally, the armored cars were used by more or less independent car commanders.
  • The driver of the armored car was killed, two other soldiers inside were seriously wounded.
  • When we came to the river in front of the town we found that it was impossible to get the armored cars across. Cited from War in the Garden of Eden, by Kermit Roosevelt
  • The British Army had an armored car regiment based in the city.
  • It was one of the most heavily armed armored cars available.
  • As air power became a factor, armored cars offered a mobile platform for anti-aircraft guns.
  • Armored cars may be provided by governments for elected officials and senior officials who are at risk.
  • Finally, we learned that three armored cars had fallen into the hands of some inimical military organization. Cited from From October to Brest-Litovsk, by Leon Trotzky
  • Arms and equipment of state forces include machine guns and armored cars, in addition to other items generally associated with police.
  • Two armored cars tried to approach the east bank but were destroyed by two anti-tank rifles.
  • During the war the officer engaged in reconnoitering in one of his armored cars. Cited from America's War for Humanity, by Thomas Herbert Russell
  • Michael obtains a job working for his mother's new husband as an armored car driver.
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