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  • They were good sea boats and heavily armed and armored for their type.
  • An armored man, about half its size, stands nearby looking at it.
  • The traditional design is black and this design is used on armored vehicles and aircraft.
  • He got the idea of developing a high-speed armored combat vehicle.
  • Otherwise, their only protection by the lower armored deck, which extended as far as these areas.
  • Generally, the armored cars were used by more or less independent car commanders.
  • But with time, even the most heavily armored Knight can usually be worn-down.
  • Rose led from the front of his armored division.
  • Japanese infantry would then advance under smoke screen and armored support.
  • As air power became a factor, armored cars offered a mobile platform for anti-aircraft guns.
  • Once located, the armored infantry would attack using tanks as infantry support.
  • It also ordered the creation of a board to inquire into armored ships.
  • None of the other Japanese armored cruisers suffered serious damage or large loss of life.
  • Armored units had developed the greatest confidence in their ability to fight without U.S. air support.
  • Some armored divisions did not receive their first M24s until the war was over.
  • This is one of the most important roles for the modern infantry, particularly when operating alongside armored vehicles.
  • This would allow German forces to briefly cut off the US 2nd Armored.
  • The DRC forces had brought most of their armored vehicles across the river.
  • She is armored, and she is a cruiser; and what have you got?
  • Before and during World War II, however, Soviet armored units were organized into corps.
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Root form of armored is armor for the verb.

Synonyms of armored

Meaning of armored

  • verb Equip with armor
  • adjective Protected by armor (used of persons or things military)
  • adjective Used of animals; provided with protective covering