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  • They then moved to support 18th Armee for the remainder of the war.
  • Armee and Army Group G still were west of the river.
  • By this time, the unit was assigned to V Armee of the French ground forces.
  • Armee, the division was involved in heavy fighting during the Battle of Stalingrad.
  • Armee and to take part in the relief efforts.
  • Armee was under heavy Soviet attack and close to collapse.
  • The state has its reserves, the army has its own, and every corps d'armee or division should not fail to provide one. Cited from The Art of War, by Baron Henri de Jomini
  • Nine days later, the new squadron went operational when it was posted to 18th Armee.
  • Armee trapped, but still in fighting condition, the Soviet army would have to use up much of its strength to keep the pocket contained.
  • The exchange took place at Guise, in the 18th Armee area of operations.
  • Shortly thereafter, it moved back to support of 1st Armee.
  • The following month, the escadrille moved once again, to support VI Armee.
  • It then moved back to the support of 1st Armee on 30 June.
  • Il m'a remis le commandement de la ville et de l'armee. Cited from Oeuvres de Napoleon Bonaparte, Tome III, by Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Armee units from the front line to safer areas.
  • Armee clearly was but a question of time.
  • The Armee de l'Air was now largely absent from French skies.
  • A month later, it was 3rd Armee that needed the squadron.
  • Rayski then volunteered for the French Armee de L'air, but was again turned down.
  • Nomme general de la force armee a Paris. Cited from Histoire de la Revolution francaise, Tome 10, by Adolphe Thiers
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