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  • Argento has mentioned in interviews that she does not have a close relationship with her father.
  • This story was later confirmed by Argento to have been made up.
  • He eventually cast his own daughter, Asia Argento, in the role.
  • This television series follows the Argento family and their lives.
  • This experience gave Argento broad exposure to and experience in the world of new opera.
  • She has also recorded other works by Argento.
  • Twelve years later, however, Argento admitted that the game had "passed into classic status".
  • While working at the newspaper, Argento also began to work as a screenwriter.
  • One can see Argento's mind and hand attempting something different within the geometric genre.
  • Argento describes himself as including "the whole world of music in his oyster."
  • While working at the newspaper, Argento also began working as a screenwriter.
  • Argento was asked to re-edit the film to make it more mainstream.
  • Argentiera is a former mining town, its name comes from the Italian argento, that means silver.
  • Argento was impressed enough by Kretschmann that he would later think of him for the role.
  • The music video was produced over two days in a Los Angeles hotel room and directed by Asia Argento.
  • Argento is the only director ever granted permission to shoot there.
  • Aside from writing, Argento spends his free time playing the guitar.
  • Argento became involved in writing music for productions at the then-new Guthrie Theater.
  • The plot becomes little more than an excuse for Argento to stage the murder sequences.
  • The song won the Zecchino d'Argento prize for the best non-Italian song.
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