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  • The pair lost to the Argentinians in a third set match tie-break.
  • We were pretty much pinned down and we came under direct fire from the Argentinians.
  • No mention of the war against the Argentinians was ever made.
  • Foreigners have the same civil rights than argentinians, among others, to travel.
  • While he manages to rescue her, they are discovered by the Argentinians and captured.
  • The Argentinians opened fire, killing two British soldiers and wounding four others.
  • Since applicants enjoy the same civil rights as Argentinians, including the right to travel, they may leave the country.
  • Many Argentinians usually travel to Uruguay in the summer, beginning immediately before Christmas.
  • The Argentinians attack us, I defend myself and the Italians get worked up.
  • One of these tries came three minutes after the final hooter, to deny the Argentinians victory.
  • The Argentinians were not able to make any positive use of their "fleet in being" but they did avoid a negative result.
  • Nevertheless he instructed the radio-operator that he would continue to hold off the Argentinians to cover his escape, which he then did.
  • It was also found there were great differences in the ancestry amongst Argentinians as one traveled across the country.
  • West Ham reportedly had to beat off competition from some major European clubs to sign the two young Argentinians.
  • The exploits of the young Argentinians were reported in sailing magazines in their home country.
  • Argentinians in Spain form one of the largest immigrant groups from Hispanic America.
  • In addition, they claim that the technology used in the mills would avoid polluting the river to the extent claimed by Argentinians.
  • We dropped a number of Argentinians as they approached and I had a couple in my sights and made sure they were taken out of the game.
  • West Ham confirmed shortly afterwards that not only had they signed the two Argentinians, but that they had signed on permanent deals.
  • He entered only three races in 2001, but was one of twelve Argentinians who competed at some point in that year's championship.
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Root form of argentinians is argentinian for the noun.

How Argentinians gets used

Meaning of Argentinians

  • noun A native or inhabitant of argentina