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  • Info Argentines (argentinos in Spanish), also called Argentinians or Argentineans, are the citizens of Argentina, or their descendants abroad. more...
  • Football plays an important part in the life of many Argentines.
  • A first attack killed three Argentines and wounded many more.
  • The professor had three well-armed Argentines along in his camp to fight savages. Cited from Sailing Alone Around The World, by Joshua Slocum
  • Outdoor sports had become the recent fashion among the rich young Argentines. Cited from Emma McChesney & Co. by Edna Ferber
  • The battle against the Argentines was very fierce, both the female and the male.
  • The war could not have happened at a worse time for the Argentines.
  • European Argentines may live in any part of the country, though their proportion varies according to region.
  • A small number of Argentines also live on the islands.
  • Australia led by as many as seven points in the fourth quarter before the top-ranked Argentines fought back for a late lead.
  • As she swung down the street they turned to gaze after her -- these Argentines. Cited from Emma McChesney & Co. by Edna Ferber
  • Eventually, the Argentines beat Spain for fifth place in a match that many thought would be for the title.
  • The attack took the Argentines (as well as the rest of the world) completely by surprise.
  • The Argentines initially gave him a handicap of six goals, but soon raised that to nine goals.
  • Many other Argentines have contributed to scientific development around the world, though sometimes having to emigrate to do so.
  • French Argentines formed a large portion of the elite of the country.
  • Argentines in Israel are the largest Latin American group in the country.
  • Two Argentines were killed, six wounded and another four taken prisoner, with three of the British force having been wounded.
  • We are only Argentines and want, above all, the common good for Argentines.
  • It is estimated that over the three million Argentines lined the race course over the next fourteen days.
  • The Argentines assumed that the British would not use force if the islands were invaded.
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Root form of argentines is argentine for the noun.

Meaning of Argentines

  • noun Any of various small silver-scaled salmon-like marine fishes