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  • The most successful period for the club was during the early 1950s due the notable Argentinean presence.
  • Later, this would give rise to the beginning of the Argentinean auto part industry.
  • He was regarded by many as a complete player and many Argentinean regarded him as one of the greatest players of all time.
  • He made his first class debut for them against Argentinean team, making six appearances in total in that competition and scoring one try.
  • His first class debut came against the Argentinean invitational side the in Cape Town.
  • It was hoped that this will lead to promising Argentinean players playing for the club.
  • One advantage of these stand is that its prices are more reasonable than many other Argentinean restaurants in the city.
  • These take the visitors to different aspects and practices of the past, present and future Argentinean scientist.
  • The Argentinean series ran out of the Italian stories and began shooting new adventures that lasted until the 1980s.
  • Six months later, the team returned to the Argentinean First Division, where it stays nowadays.
  • She is of Argentinean ancestry on her mother's side.
  • This way, they begin to write a new chapter in the Argentinean sonic psychedelic rock scene.
  • Many Bolivian officers practice ocean sailing in Argentinean big naval ships.
  • Food was supplied and psychological support services were provided for Argentinean families affected by AIDS.
  • Argentinean connectors have the opposite polarity to those of other Type I countries.
  • The remaining four built in Argentina were suspended due to the Argentinean economic crisis of the 1980s.
  • In 2011, he was the Argentinean midfielder who most scored in all the world.
  • The French parent company decided to divest from its Argentinean operations.
  • At the same time many other Argentinean provinces and municipalities brought in the private sector to improve water and sanitation services.
  • Argentinean hake is not expected to disappear, but the stock may be so low that it is no longer economic for commercial fishing.
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