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  • The important fact was that all the players on the field were Argentine-born.
  • He also received the title of Argentine player of the year, ten years after first receiving it.
  • It is the second Argentine Province with an official language other than Spanish.
  • By this stage of the battle, there were not many experienced Argentine officers left.
  • His impact was not only on the world of education, but also on Argentine political and social structure.
  • Argentine station has a simple two side-platform setup with two tracks.
  • Argentine rock, called rock nacional, is the most popular music among youth.
  • Over one thousand Argentine players play abroad, the majority of them in European football leagues.
  • He is considered the most important Argentine folk musician of the 20th century.
  • He gained experience and reported on Argentine and South American politics.
  • This has been praised by the Argentine media, public and the Foreign Minister himself.
  • It was located in the offices of the chief of staff of the Argentine Army.
  • He attributed criticism over human rights to an anti-Argentine campaign.
  • This was intended to deter any future Argentine attempts to take the islands by force again.
  • As part of these movements, the Argentine Navy fleet was ordered to take positions around the islands.
  • He was the only former Argentine president to receive that homage during his lifetime.
  • They were the first women active in Argentine politics.
  • This was intended to deter any future Argentine attempts to take the islands by force.
  • An example of debt playing a role in economic crisis was the Argentine economic crisis.
  • They are two of the oldest Argentine football teams.
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Synonyms of Argentine

Meaning of Argentine

  • noun Any of various small silver-scaled salmon-like marine fishes
  • adjective Of or relating to or characteristic of argentina or its people
    Argentinian tango