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  • A few countries along the route used left-hand traffic, one being Argentina.
  • The President of Argentina is both head of state and head of government.
  • His father's first teaching job had been in Argentina from where the family had recently returned.
  • He then engaged in a program to move Argentina's economy towards a liberal model.
  • German is the third or fourth most spoken language in Argentina.
  • Argentina has had many different types of heads of state, as well as many different types of government throughout its history.
  • The addition of Argentina would even out travel commitments for all teams involved.
  • He made two more bouts in Argentina before the end of the year.
  • He has served as a manager and coach at other clubs as well as for the national team of Argentina.
  • His death was announced on the radio just before the start of an England v Argentina friendly match.
  • However, nothing could be proved, and Argentina met the Netherlands in the final.
  • In other countries like Argentina, men and women each wear a ring similar to wedding bands.
  • Argentina were almost eliminated in the first round, only qualifying in third position from their group.
  • The news was immediately broadcast throughout the country, and Argentina went into mourning.
  • During these years, Argentina developed the largest middle class on the South American continent.
  • I think Argentina will also be holding commemorations of those who died in the conflict.
  • The team started well in the championship, with Jones winning the first round of the season in Argentina.
  • It has been recorded under other introduced trees in Argentina and Chile.
  • When the two returned to Argentina, they were arrested as they got off the airplane.
  • England won the match and Owen retained his place for the second round match against Argentina.
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Meaning of Argentina

  • noun A republic in southern south america; second largest country in south america
  • noun Type genus of the argentinidae: argentines