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  • Also Argentia is home to, the first business of its kind in this area.
  • Its military base now closed, Argentia has become all but a ghost town.
  • Argentia was an all-male base; American officers would visit from their 'dry' ships.
  • She sailed for Argentia and took no part in the action.
  • From there she took a cargo to Argentia and arrived back at Boston in late April.
  • She remained at Argentia for six days before beginning a voyage to Boston for repairs.
  • In the summer months, the ship also operates on the North Sydney - Argentia Route.
  • Five days later, she escorted three merchant ships to Argentia.
  • The body of one of the pilots was recovered and returned to Argentia.
  • Richard Peck provided electrical power at Argentia, during her active service.
  • But some empty military buildings are being reused as the beginning of what is hoped to become an industrial park in Argentia.
  • By July, she was back in Canadian waters to serve as station oiler at Argentia.
  • She provided support for seaplane and flying boat operations out of Argentia through October 1941.
  • Before the church was built, the people of Fox Harbour had to boat to Argentia to attend church service.
  • Ship Harbour has at least been settled since 1835 when it was included in the Argentia Parish.
  • Later, after a somewhat less than successful fishing expedition, the President inspected the waterfront and the base development at Argentia.
  • It is located close to Argentia, the site of the Naval Station Argentia.
  • The Argentia route is operated seasonally during the summer (June-September).
  • She operated in northern waters for the next eight months, plying between New York, Argentia and Labrador.
  • Seabees in Newfoundland helped construct a huge naval air station and naval base at Argentia.
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