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  • Due to poor staff work, the attack of Argenteau's right wing did not begin until 11 April.
  • By the next morning, Argenteau reported only 700 men with the colors.
  • Though the assault failed, he urged Argenteau to persist, but his superior declined.
  • He left no children, and his name passed to Count Argenteau, from whom came the family of Mercy-Argenteau.
  • The boat was discovered only near Argenteau/Hermalle-under-Argenteau, and attacked by a car-boat.
  • Below Argenteau there was a vine- covered cottage before which stood a peasant woman guarding her little domain. Cited from In the Claws of the German Eagle, by Albert Rhys Williams
  • In its hasty retreat from the field, Argenteau's force lost heavily and was badly disorganized.
  • The Austrian advance to the coast near Genoa put a mountain range between the left wing and Argenteau's vulnerable right wing.
  • Argenteau led the remnant of his force back to Acqui.
  • By the morning of the 12th, Bonaparte concentrated large forces against Argenteau's now-outnumbered troops.
  • Argenteau sent an alarming dispatch to Beaulieu stating that his command was "almost completely destroyed".
  • In 1805, Argenteau led a division in the army of Archduke Charles in northern Italy.
  • For his part, Vukassovich sent a communication to his army commander that he was isolated from Argenteau on his right and Pittoni on his left.
  • Argenteau deployed this unit, some Croats, and several detached companies from his other regiments to guard the Altare road.
  • The next day, Bonaparte concentrated superior forces and badly defeated Argenteau in the Battle of Montenotte.
  • Argenteau withdrew his battered force to Dego, complaining that he could rally only 700 men to the colors.
  • Beaulieu belatedly realized that he was now dangerously separated from his right wing under Feldmarschall-Leutnant Argenteau.
  • Her mother was Ailesbury's second wife, Charlotte d'Argenteau, comtesse d'Esneux.
  • M. Mercy D'Argenteau, an ambassador of the last century, tells an anecdote illustrative of the importance of this. Cited from Frost's Laws, by Sarah Annie Frost
  • Satisfied that Beaulieu was too far to the east to intervene effectively, Bonaparte determined to crush Argenteau.
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