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  • S. argentea has a large spread of basal leaves that measure wide and high.
  • He took the name of Samuel, and his daughter Argentea, as we have seen, suffered martyrdom. Cited from Christianity and Islam in Spain (756-1031), by Charles Reginald Haines
  • The fernlike branches of S. argentea are composed of many small, chitinous chambers where individual animals once lived.
  • Celosia argentea is a tender annual that is often grown in gardens.
  • It was eventually recognized as a species distinct from Albula argentea.
  • Antennaria argentea is a species of flowering plant in the daisy family known by the common name silver pussytoes.
  • They are specific to the host plant Paronychia argentea.
  • Around the southern ice cap is a surface, called the Dorsa Argentea Formation that may be an old ice-rich deposit.
  • For instance Celosia cristata may be listed as a separate species, or a variety of C. argentea.
  • It contains the single species Pseudomacroptila argentea, which is found in Venezuela.
  • Originally published as Tournefortia argentea, it was transferred to Argusia argentea, and remained under that name until recently.
  • As a bedding plant =S. argentea= is extensively grown for its silvery-white foliage, which completely covers the ground. Cited from The Culture of Vegetables and Flowers, by Sutton and Sons
  • Argenta was given its name by the Argenta Mining Company from the Latin word for silver, argentea.
  • Wirenia argentea is a marine species as all other solenogastres.
  • Like other Coccothrinax species, C. argentea is a fan palm.
  • Raillardella argentea is a species of flowering plant in the aster family known by the common name silky raillardella.
  • Like the Canada Buffaloberry, Sheperdia argentea has been used historically as a food, medicine, and dye.
  • This method has been used in sorghum plantations by planting Celosia argentea between the sorghum.
  • Its specific epithet, argentea, refers to the silvery leaves.
  • Aglaia argentea is a species of plant in the Meliaceae family.
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