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  • Info Argentan is a commune and the seat of two cantons and of an arrondissement in the Orne department in northwestern France.
  • Henry was at Argentan when the news of the murder was brought to him. Cited from Henry the Second, by Mrs. J. R. Green
  • Argentan became a very important town for traditional industry.
  • We held our breath, but it passed on towards Argentan.
  • She studied at Argentan and worked in school administration, founding new convents.
  • They made the five leagues between Argentan and Falaise rather slowly, arriving about half past ten. Cited from The House of the Combrays, by G. le Notre
  • Geoffrey, however, gave up his attempt on Caen and drew back to Argentan. Cited from History of England (1066-1216), by Adams
  • Any American troops in the vicinity of Argentan were ordered to be withdrawn.
  • Throughout the Middle Ages, Argentan was either a rich place or totally burnt.
  • John, avoiding fortresses belonging to rebels, slowly made his way back to his army at Argentan.
  • In the autumn the attempt was renewed, and with no better result, though Argentan remained in Geoffrey's hands. Cited from History of England (1066-1216), by Adams
  • In the east, the Americans were given the task of capturing Argentan.
  • Askin there bought some spoons of a white metal called argentan by the maker.
  • She continued to play a special role in the government of the area around Argentan, where she held feudal rights from the grants made at the time of her second marriage.
  • In its advance from Avranches to Argentan, the Third Army traversed in just two weeks.
  • A third formation flew on to bomb nearby Argentan.
  • Edward had ransomed d'Argentan from that Emperor, so as to place a well-respected warrior at his side.
  • After this he retired into private life to the Chateau du Moncel near Argentan, where he died in 1888.
  • In 1182, he was present at his overlord Henry II of England's court at Argentan.
  • The family had already built the private mansionhotel particulaire, across from St. Germain Church in Argentan.
  • She therefore begged of him to abide at Argentan,(6) in order that all suspicion might be removed. Cited from Tales Of The Heptameron, Vol. I. (of V.), by Margaret, Queen Of Navarre
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