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  • The word argent had the same meaning in Old French blazon, from which it passed into the English language.
  • Argent was initially the group's lead singer, with Blunstone on guitar.
  • The name comes from the nine roses argent in the coat of arms of Finland.
  • The Blunstone-Argent line-up toured for several years, performing a number of songs from the album.
  • He also had before him his own banner, gules, three escutcheons argent.
  • The Prince of Wales bore the royal arms differenced by a plain label Argent of three points.
  • An estoille is a star and argent is silver so there are four silver stars on the canton.
  • As a result, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish regions that were intended as argent from those that were sable.
  • Buchloe has quite a simple coat of arms, being a shield, party per pale, gules and argent.
  • Henry's arms were those of the kingdom, differenced by a label argent of three points, on each a rose gules.
  • As the historic city arms were argent with a heraldic rose the new flag was white with a heraldic rose in the center.
  • Argent, Atkinson and a host of guest guitarists also made appearances on this album.
  • The royal coat of arms of Denmark with a label of three points Argent, each with three Ermine points.
  • When the scheme was opened, Argent believed that if the development was broken up and sold off separately, the public realm would be neglected.
  • The community's coat of arms might be described thus: Party per pale gules and argent, a rose counterchanged.
  • On the municipal coat of arms, the first quarter shows an argent-coloured virgin with child on an azure background.
  • The sinister field is divided party per bend, where the lower part is Argent and the upper part is Azure.
  • As Prince of Wales, Henry's arms were those of the kingdom, differenced by a label argent of three points.
  • Eventually, Christine and Argent fight, resulting in both of their deaths.
  • In some historical depictions of coats of arms, a kind of silver leaf was applied to those parts of the device that were argent.
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