are plentiful

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  • All these used to be plentiful through these parts in years gone by. Cited from In Camp on the Big Sunflower,by Lawrence J. Leslie
  • Young men are plentiful enough, and she does not care when her turn comes. Cited from Town Life in Australia, 1883, by R. E. N. (Richard) Twopeny
  • Food would have been plentiful during the few warm months of the year.
  • Most of the development was in single-family houses, since land was plentiful.
  • Johnson says that everything people really need is plentiful and easy to reach.
  • Evidence of the passing through of the troops was plentiful enough though. Cited from Paths of Glory, by Irvin S. Cobb
  • Many of these rare species were plentiful at the site, and remain prominent there today.
  • Being fifteen and twenty-five miles from major power plants, the supply of power is plentiful.
  • In the same manner that clothing was plentiful so was there always enough food. Cited from Slave Narratives: Georgia, Part 3, by Work Projects Administration
  • "You will go where all the most beautiful birds are plentiful, uncle?" Cited from Nat the Naturalist, by G. Manville Fenn
  • Our dinner however was plentiful, and what is not very common, was very well dressed. Cited from Travels through the South of France in 1807 & 1808, by Lt-Col. Pinkney
  • Where iron and steel are plentiful this method is frequently used as it requires less time.
  • His house did not have electricity, but food was plentiful since his family owned a farm.
  • Work therefore may be plentiful, and the price of labour would consequently rise. Cited from Essay on the Principle of Population, by Malthus
  • Land was plentiful and all men of any capacity could easily become landowners. Cited from Modern Economic Problems, Economics Vol. II, by Frank Albert Fetter
  • We did not eat of these, because at that time our provisions were plentiful. Cited from History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Vol. X, by Robert Kerr
  • The first purpose lost importance when uranium sources turned out to be plentiful.
  • Major human settlements could initially develop only where fresh surface water was plentiful, such as near major rivers.
  • They are plentiful throughout their home range in Africa and Europe.
  • Sometimes game is plentiful, and sometimes it is scarcely to be had at all. Cited from The Story of Grenfell of the Labrador, by Dillon Wallace
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