are multipurpose

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  • Three of these are multipurpose, another three specialize in mining, while the last one is dedicated to saving and credit.
  • All three river developments are multipurpose in nature involving irrigation, water supply and hydropower generation.
  • There are multipurpose sports facilities and personal training fitness stations as well as vast areas of green space, popular with runners and dog walkers.
  • Modern French 100 mm naval guns are multipurpose artillery pieces (anti-air, anti-ship, ground), capable of a high rate of fire.
  • These malls are multipurpose and have some popular brands of merchandise there.
  • Destroyers are multipurpose vessels used to harass enemy transports and disrupt sea routes.
  • These headsets are multipurpose as they handle gaming, VoIP, music and recording.
  • Recent advancements have brought forward coolers that are multipurpose.
  • The ships of the Steregushchy class are multipurpose corvettes, designed to replace the Grisha class.
  • The functionality of most microcontroller pins are multipurpose, thus allowing the engineer to redefine the purpose of the pin.
  • Some of these venues are soccer-specific stadiums, while others are multipurpose stadiums, or American football stadiums, or Baseball stadiums that also host soccer games.
  • They are multipurpose trees and are potentially valuable additions to gardens, orchards, fields, hedgerows, or wayside wastelands throughout most warm parts of the world.
  • They are multipurpose dams and irrigate lands in Shimoga, Chikkamagalur, Davanagere and Haveri.
  • Whereas the production sites of CMOs are multipurpose plants, allowing for the production of tens to hundreds of tons of fine chemicals, the "work places" of patient CROs are the test persons (volunteers) for the clinical trials and those of the product CROs are the laboratory benches.