are hairy

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  • Although most of the face is hairy, the area around the eyes is bare.
  • Its legs are hairy, and very little used; its body, light and slender. Cited from Twilight And Dawn, by Caroline Pridham
  • The leaves are composed by five segments and are hairy on both sides.
  • Some of the leaves and the upper parts of the stem are hairy.
  • They are hairy insects with their colour ranging from a near-white to near-black.
  • The tail is hairy with the hairs on the upper side longer than those below.
  • The leaves are hairy, and so are the stems, which often grow two or three feet high. Cited from Wildflowers of the Farm, by Arthur Owens Cooke
  • The head is short and broad and the tail is hairy, with many small scales no more than wide.
  • The stems are hairy and green and have few leaves for most of the year.
  • Both the leaves and the pods are hairy with the later being long.
  • A handsome species, with large purple leaves that are hairy on the under sides. Cited from Hardy Ornamental Flowering Trees and Shrubs, by A. D. Webster
  • Its stems are gray, with simple leaves of pale green-gray, both are hairy.
  • These are hairy plants growing low to the ground and covered in crinkly dull green leaves.
  • The three upper stamens are hairy and the three lower ones longer and smooth.
  • They are hairy and their opening is clear.
  • Adults are hairy and brown, with a broad white band along the terminal area of each wing and a dark brown body.
  • The cream flowers are hairy on the outside and appear from December to May.
  • The plant reaches up to high, with leaves that are hairy on both surfaces.
  • The legs are hairy and pale coloured with dark bands and one thin orange band.
  • It may be green to red in color and is hairy in texture.
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