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  • The house has since been sold, and much of the collection has been archived.
  • All previous records of the old course have been archived and all new records are being recorded.
  • Some of this material has subsequently been archived on more modern media.
  • The archives holds primary source material related to the history of modern and contemporary art.
  • They can also come with a video recording function to archive past meetings.
  • In addition, they may feature an archive or library of railroad-related materials.
  • The site is no longer active, with only an archived version available.
  • Archives located in for-profit institutions are usually those owned by a private business.
  • Nearly one thousand years of archives were destroyed by this act.
  • Many government archives are open to the public and no appointment is required to visit.
  • Many of the professional staff of these individual archives simply continued their existing work in the new institution.
  • The website contains archives going back to the start of the program.
  • The current official site is at but is different from the archived version.
  • While the studio is no longer recording, its website remains for archiving purposes.
  • Self-archiving of non-open access publications provides a low cost alternative model.
  • The notes are now in the family archive and will be released in the future.
  • The library also has current magazines and archived magazine for the most recent three years.
  • Since many archives opened up during this time he sent out his students to these places to recruit information.
  • The Irish national archives in the buildings were destroyed in the subsequent fire.
  • Five others have been archived, which means they have not been discussed for two years.
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  • noun A depository containing historical records and documents
  • verb Put into an archive