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  • But many more figures have been found in the rest of the archipelago.
  • The archipelago consists of five major islands and their surrounding smaller islands.
  • There are various small archipelagos which may be better known than the larger islands they contain.
  • The largest island is connected with only a few of the other islands in the archipelago.
  • The name was then extended to the entire archipelago later on in the Spanish era.
  • Each state was shown as separate from the others, thus giving Europe the appearance of an archipelago.
  • Bear Island has average temperatures even higher than the rest of the archipelago.
  • Concern about identity and social change in the archipelago has been the subject of studies and books.
  • Before the latest ice period, much of the archipelago was not under water.
  • The municipality consists of the central areas, the southern plain, and the extensive archipelago.
  • Only a year after first being discovered, the entire archipelago was completely depopulated.
  • The archipelago may in that period have been used for fishing and hunting.
  • The main island of the archipelago is called, It measures east to west and north to south.
  • He also turned a number of states in the archipelago into his imperial dependencies.
  • The island people go everywhere around the western area of Japanese Archipelago.
  • There is some confusion over what the archipelago's name means.
  • It is possible Singapore itself was considered a part of this archipelago during this time.
  • It's known for being the center of the archipelago's farming community.
  • The climate of the archipelago is tropical and has two seasons, summer and winter.
  • The name, however, refers to the fact that it is the largest of the small archipelago.
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  • noun A group of many islands in a large body of water