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  • According to some archeologists it was the first city to reach a population over one million inhabitants.
  • Work has been conducted since the 1980s, in part by students and archeologists.
  • Archeologists believe they have found evidence of a Spanish mission on the island as well.
  • No Roman buildings have been found by archeologists on the mountain itself.
  • In recent years, archeologists have made valuable finds in various places within the area.
  • Archeologists have found remains that date back to the stone age.
  • Archeologists know almost nothing about the first inhabitants of the county, as little material evidence has been found from them.
  • For example, archeologists try to answer how materials found at the site got where they were ultimately discovered.
  • He is considered to be one of the first archeologists of West Africa.
  • But archeologists have concluded that the building was built at least a century later.
  • He had not seen the archeologist since his return from Europe. Cited from The Voice in the Fog, by Harold MacGrath
  • Only within the last 20 years has the area been open to western archeologists.
  • Archeologists have proved that people have lived in the area for centuries.
  • So far many attempts are made by archeologists to understand the script, results are not known yet.
  • The event was also attended by historians, archeologists and members of the general public.
  • She has been described as "one of today's leading historians and field archeologists".
  • Following the second world war, the church was carefully secured by archeologists.
  • He lives alone, occasionally receiving letters from his archeologist father.
  • The local archeologist and geologist stated that they found no evidence of any human settlement on the site.
  • Archeologists have also found objects in the area dating back to the late Stone Age.
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Meaning of archeologist

  • noun An anthropologist who studies prehistoric people and their culture