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  • The north wall is gone and all that remains of the south wall is an arched opening.
  • Two attempts to capture the arched steel bridge and its southern approach failed.
  • There are three very large arched windows with the main entrance set at ground level in the center.
  • The remaining one third of the wall has the arched opening.
  • There is a medieval stone arched bridge across the river just west of the town.
  • On the north, east and south sides of the build are five story tall arched windows.
  • She learned how to hold her chest high, keep her back straight, and keep her feet arched.
  • The back must be arched, and the body should be slightly longer in length than in height.
  • The most interesting of these are the arched front doors of the old houses.
  • It consists of two very similar figures, looking towards each other, and standing in an arched frame.
  • These dates are found on the wall of the main arched building.
  • The three arched windows of the church are in good condition even though they are facing the sea.
  • The upper level has a pointed arched window on each of three sides and a door on the fourth side.
  • The arched door at the base of the water tower was replaced with a larger square-shaped double door.
  • The walls generally had plain windows, though there was a round arched one on each side of the fourth floor.
  • There is a round-arched doorway into the public house and a three-light window to its left.
  • The cave has a large arched entrance and is filled by the sea.
  • It had arched windows that were divided into two or three sections.
  • It remains the world's oldest multiple arched stone railroad bridge.
  • The lower story which was constructed of stone, included handsome arched windows.
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Root form of arched is arch for the verb.

Words starting with arched

Meaning of arched

  • verb Form an arch or curve
    her back arches, her hips curve nicely
  • adjective Constructed with or in the form of an arch or arches
    an arched passageway