archaeological excavation

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  • Recent archaeological excavations have revealed that it has been built upon an old church.
  • They may have been named after a person who conducted archaeological excavations.
  • However based on other archaeological excavations it seems clear that this was probably an ancient structure.
  • The cause of heavy destruction during recent years has been archaeological excavations on those sites themselves.
  • The site has been under professional archaeological excavation since the early 1990s.
  • The first official archaeological excavations were carried out later in that century.
  • There was also a recent archaeological excavation of a field, which found some ancient remains.
  • The archaeological excavations are located on the northern edge of the modern town.
  • However, its construction may have destroyed the possibility of future archaeological excavations for the area.
  • He carried out some of the first archaeological excavations on the Wall.
  • It has a running track and is near an archaeological excavation site.
  • A small museum with the remains of the 20th century archaeological excavations is shown inside.
  • The abbey stopped being used as a farm and extensive archaeological excavations took place.
  • Archaeological excavations show that the area was already settled in Roman times.
  • While the fort is no longer standing, its location has been verified by archaeological excavations.
  • It maintains a historical interest and has been subject to some archaeological excavations.
  • A number of archaeological excavations have been conducted at the site since.
  • That there was a city there at that time, had also been shown by previous archaeological excavations.
  • That there was an early Christian church at the site has been confirmed by recent archaeological excavations.
  • Archaeological excavations provide evidence that the species was more abundant at various times in the past.
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