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  • The archaeological site was turned into a museum with inside and open-air section.
  • It can be visited today because the church became the archaeological museum of the city.
  • The act allows archaeological teams a short time for analysis before the remains must be returned.
  • This modern architecture structure houses the central market and an underground archaeological complex.
  • However there is a lack of physical evidence of its existence, despite some archaeological work in the area.
  • Latest archaeological studies show that the present-day market-place was already in use in the first century.
  • Archaeological evidence shows that the site of the town has been occupied since prehistoric times.
  • There is also less archaeological evidence of large settlements and trade in the area.
  • Recent archaeological excavations have revealed that it has been built upon an old church.
  • No archaeological evidence has been found so far, to show that any church existed here earlier than shown in written records.
  • Since the beginning of the restoration, an extensive archaeological programme has been carried out.
  • The general area is one of the continent's most significant archaeological regions.
  • What happened to them, however, is suggested in the archaeological record.
  • Little is known of his campaigns, and there is little archaeological evidence for them.
  • The remains of their occupation have provided some of the most valuable archaeological information in the country.
  • However, there was no archaeological evidence that these structures existed by the time of highway construction.
  • The town also has a notable archaeological museum displaying finds from the ancient city.
  • This is shown in the number of new settlements and the numerous archaeological remains.
  • It is a feature of many archaeological sites, particularly in the south-central United States.
  • Archaeological remains of the Buddhist era can also still be found in the region.
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  • adjective Related to or dealing with or devoted to archaeology
    an archaeological dig, a dramatic archaeological discovery