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  • Most species are arboreal, and all are well active during the day.
  • All species are arboreal, though they do come to the ground occasionally.
  • It is arboreal but sometimes it will come down to the ground.
  • All species are strictly arboreal, although they can sometimes be found on or near the ground.
  • Though primarily arboreal, they sometimes come down to the ground.
  • Some animals may only scale trees occasionally, while others are exclusively arboreal.
  • Since this species is arboreal, birds make up a large portion of their diet.
  • Some species were arboreal, while others lived on the ground.
  • In the non-arboreal species, these features may be greatly reduced, or absent.
  • An arboreal survey was being created, with information about river access.
  • The arboreal species can therefore lay the eggs within the trees, and never need venture to the ground.
  • They are mainly arboreal and make their nests in trees five to fifteen feet above the ground.
  • Half of their life is spent in trees and they are one of the largest arboreal mammals.
  • This primarily arboreal species is fairly common within its range.
  • The two species are highly arboreal and rarely come to the ground to feed.
  • There are many small arboreal species in each group.
  • Many species of animals are arboreal, far too many to list individually.
  • As an arboreal species it is difficult to observe, and little is known about this species.
  • Most species are arboreal, although some live a more terrestrial life.
  • The larger, green species are usually arboreal and some will only venture to the ground to breed.
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Meaning of arboreal

  • adjective Inhabiting or frequenting trees
    arboreal apes