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  • Free drop to Nicco Park while returning is also provided by Aquatica.
  • Though the overall shape of leaves in those families may be similar the vein structure in M. aquatica is notably distinct from both.
  • Pachira aquatica can grow up to in height in the wild.
  • I used to take it for granted that the salamandra aquatica was hatched, lived, and died in the water. Cited from The Natural History of Selborne, by Gilbert White
  • It is sometimes referred to as the money tree; however, Pachira aquatica also receives this nickname.
  • Ipomoea aquatica, which grew relatively easy and flourished relatively well near the water, became a popular crop, as did other vegetables.
  • Ipomoea aquatica is most commonly grown in East and Southeast Asia.
  • In the water spider Argyroneta aquatica, males and females are found in the water throughout their lifetime.
  • Byblis aquatica is an annual plant with a usually unbranching central stem supported by fine, fibrous roots.
  • Species native to the United States are N. cordata in the northeast and N. aquatica in the southeast.
  • I. aquatica has been extensively cultivated in Texas for over 30 years, having been originally brought there by Asian immigrants.
  • He calls these regions "Aquatica" and its permanent human citizens "Aquaticans".
  • Aquatica is a chain of water parks owned and operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.
  • Crassula aquatica is a succulent plant known by the common names water pygmyweed and common pygmyweed.
  • The diving bell spider or water spider, Argyroneta aquatica, is the only species of spider known to live entirely under water.
  • This tree was for many years mistaken for Planera aquatica and commercially propagated under that name.
  • I. aquatica grows in water or on moist soil.
  • N. aquatica was described from submerged wood collected in north Queensland, Australia in 1992.
  • He joins Rhys in order to help him fix the weather system and thus thaw out the entrance to the world of Aquatica.
  • The diving bell spider, Argyroneta aquatica, is a spider which lives entirely under water, even though it could survive on land.
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