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  • They have much of the same technology as contemporary humans, adapted to their own aquatic environment.
  • The Aquatics Area is located in three areas around two of the lakes.
  • Cleveland is known throughout the city for its strong aquatics program.
  • The City plans to improve the pool by creating a more modern aquatic center.
  • All plants, wildlife, and aquatic species are protected to one degree or another.
  • Thus, adults are most often seen near bodies of water and are frequently described as aquatic insects.
  • This room also has a window so the visitors can communicate with the Aquatic crew.
  • Aquatic animals get significant thrust by moving fins back and forth in water.
  • The land exchanged would be used as the site of an aquatics centre.
  • A number of physical features link bryophytes to both land plants and aquatic plants.
  • Central High School is not known for its aquatics program.
  • Work on the Aquatics Centre began later the same year.
  • They are almost entirely herbivorous, although they may eat small amounts of aquatic animals.
  • British Columbia has produced many outstanding athletes, especially in aquatic and winter sports.
  • The male lungfish may occasionally take a piece of aquatic plant into its mouth and wave it around.
  • Low phosphate levels are an important limit to growth in some aquatic systems.
  • The decline of their population is mainly due to human manipulation of aquatic systems.
  • Along with hunting small aquatic animals, this bird species has been known to also feed upon plant matter found within its habitat.
  • In fact, some aquatic animals have up to ten different classes of visual pigment in their eyes.
  • One problem that aquatic insects must overcome is how to get oxygen while they are under water.
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Synonyms of aquatic

Meaning of aquatic

  • noun A plant that lives in or on water
  • adjective Relating to or consisting of or being in water
    an aquatic environment
  • adjective Operating or living or growing in water
    boats are aquatic vehicles, water lilies are aquatic plants, fish are aquatic animals