aquatic environments

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  • All are found in deep aquatic environment far from shore.
  • With so much fresh water, the fishing was, and still is very good in this aquatic environment.
  • They are mostly marine animals, but are found in almost all aquatic environments.
  • They have much of the same technology as contemporary humans, adapted to their own aquatic environment.
  • Being in an aquatic environment gives the first advantage to reducing work.
  • Because their aquatic environment is often turbid, their vision is not as well developed.
  • Being amorphous, they could take on any shape needed, making them very versatile within their aquatic environment.
  • Fish too have a well-developed sense of smell, even though they inhabit an aquatic environment.
  • It may cause long term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.
  • Fish generally have a weak sense of smell, which is generally less important than taste in an aquatic environment.
  • It was about long and likely lived in aquatic environments such as lakes and rivers.
  • An unfortunate side effect was the loss of the ability to survive in a non-aquatic environment.
  • The appearance of the disease is affected specifically by factors of the aquatic environment such as temperature and water quality.
  • Electric fields found in aquatic environments range from local fields to large-scale uniform fields produced by ocean currents.
  • Fish are found in nearly all natural aquatic environments.
  • They all require moisture for growth and some live in aquatic environments.
  • Such an effect has been found to have a significant influence on locally affected populations, especially in aquatic environments.
  • One of the most distinctive features of fish olfaction is that it takes place entirely in the aquatic environment.
  • A result was that many of the by-products ended up in local terrestrial and aquatic environments.
  • Fish can be kept in different combinations of species and in different kinds of aquatic environments.
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