aquatic ecosystems

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  • In limited cases, warm water has little deleterious effect and may even lead to improved function of the receiving aquatic ecosystem.
  • As biodiesel becomes more widely used, it is important to consider how consumption effects water quality and aquatic ecosystems.
  • The species is often used as a bioindicator because of its position at the top of the food chain in aquatic ecosystems.
  • It can easily invade similar aquatic ecosystems when it is introduced.
  • Communities of organisms that are dependent on each other and on their environment live in aquatic ecosystems.
  • They are almost always an important component of aquatic ecosystems.
  • A new exhibit complex focused on Africa's aquatic ecosystems is also still in the planning stages.
  • This park occupies a space of and is well known for its rich biodiversity and unique aquatic ecosystem.
  • Aquatic ecosystems are also used for human recreation, and are very important to the tourism industry, especially in coastal regions.
  • These materials often include non-native, nuisance, exotic species that can cause extensive ecological and economic damage to aquatic ecosystems.
  • In both land and aquatic ecosystems, the role played by detritus is too large to ignore.
  • The entry of chemicals and drugs into the aquatic ecosystem is a more serious concern today.
  • Marine reserves are designed for the conservation of aquatic ecosystems, including marine wildlife and its environment.
  • There is usually a maximum of four or five links in a food chain, although food chains in aquatic ecosystems are more often longer than those on land.
  • He lived in France and was active in preserving aquatic ecosystems.
  • These alterations affect the structure of these aquatic ecosystems, changing how these species travel, eat, and spawn.
  • The large amounts of animal waste from CAFOs present a risk to water quality and aquatic ecosystems.
  • Negative effects can be seen in aquatic ecosystems, as well as it being very toxic to beneficial insects.
  • Authorizes an aquatic ecosystem restoration and protection project if the project will improve environmental quality, is in the public interest, and is cost-effective.
  • Marine ecosystems are among the largest of Earth's aquatic ecosystems.
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