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  • Info An aptitude is a component of a competency to do a certain kind of work at a cartain level, which can also be considered "talent". more...
  • He gave his younger son training after he showed drawing aptitude at an early age.
  • Most of his natural aptitudes equipped him especially to play his part well. Cited from A Short Life of Abraham Lincoln, by John G. Nicolay
  • At an early age, she discovered that she had a natural aptitude for science.
  • Taking advantage of his natural aptitudes, his interest should be developed and extended in every way possible. Cited from The Nervous Child, by Hector Charles Cameron
  • At an early age, she began drawing and showed an aptitude for art.
  • In this age we hear a good deal of talk about a man's aptitudes. Cited from The Power of Concentration, By Theron Q. Dumont
  • She showed already at an early age a strong aptitude for playing the piano.
  • At a very early age he showed his aptitude for music.
  • He showed a strong aptitude for mechanical work at a very early age.
  • He showing a natural aptitude for design, and from the beginning drew his own plans.
  • At school he made few friends and showed no academic aptitude.
  • They set off to search all over the country to find children with aptitude whom they might teach.
  • The schools were built for above average ability students who have shown an aptitude in science and technology.
  • While there he showed a greater aptitude for field work and was not too interested in theory.
  • I am glad that we all do not have the same aptitudes. Cited from Sermons on Biblical Characters, by Clovis G. Chappell
  • Every person shows a remarkable learning aptitude for learning their first language.
  • Although he was known for his speech aptitude, he was also known for his poor manner of dress.
  • She had an aptitude for natural science and developed skills in public speaking.
  • For this reason little research is carried out on aptitude today.
  • He showed his aptitude for ball sports from an early age.
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  • noun Inherent ability