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  • A variety of systems can be approximated as either first or second order systems.
  • Such a system may be approximated on an air table or ice surface.
  • Some figures are approximate and may come from sources that are several years old.
  • Thus both the approximate age and a high time resolution can be obtained.
  • Middle childhood begins at around age seven or eight, approximating primary school age.
  • The land he acquired in this way is said to approximate the current town's location.
  • Free software works along lines that approximate perfect competition as well.
  • This makes it possible to approximate the date of a past fire.
  • They are approximate, and include products that are no longer sold.
  • No king or emperor ever approximated the actual luxury of my daily life. Cited from The "Goldfish", by Arthur Train
  • The story occurs over a six year period, approximate to the publication period of the series.
  • The number of such children in the United States approximates one hundred and fifty thousand. Cited from Society, by Henry Kalloch Rowe
  • The solution space is then approximated using so called form-functions of a pre-defined degree.
  • That era has not reached its limits, nor has it even approximated those limits. Cited from 'Tis Sixty Years Since, by Charles Francis Adams
  • The island has an approximate land area of, and is long.
  • All other ranks closely approximated those of the old Roman army as follows.
  • The railroad system of the country is gradually approximating to such a condition. Cited from The Promise Of American Life, by Herbert David Croly
  • The work in which he approximates most nearly to modern views is his account of the origin of society.
  • Check this number against the list below, to establish an approximate production date.
  • The position and number of these islands have been approximated on charts for years.
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Meaning of approximate

  • verb Be close or similar
    Her results approximate my own