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  • The water has an average time in the lakes of approx. one year.
  • The land, which was approx., faced the eastern coast line of the island.
  • The west half of the dam is approx. long, the east half is almost long.
  • The town was moved and renamed when the railroad was built approx. one mile to the east.
  • The total approved investment in all these cities is approx. in phase-I.
  • The company chose approx. fifteen previously discontinued models to produce once again.
  • The castle now stands approx. 30 m above the upper water level.
  • The schools have approx. 1300 full-time students on campus and online each year.
  • The Police and Fire Departments currently cover approx. in and around the city.
  • The original general store operated until approx 2009 when it closed.
  • He is tall and weighs approx. off-season (during training, outside competition).
  • Even then it is only available on limited days, approx 90 days in total during this period, subject to weather conditions.
  • It was an all-girls grammar school until the 1970s (approx date).
  • The majority (approx. 26 million) of the money will be going towards the high school.
  • To assist them they used a pole (approx long) with a half-moon of steel at the top.
  • Approx. of agricultural land comes under this village.
  • These three reports (each approx. one minute in length) may have added to the 210-minute length.
  • Non-formal adult education is organized by approx. 700 public and private institutions.
  • After the renovation work is done energy consumption levels will be approx. one fifth in comparison to the levels before.
  • The church was originally built as a church of stone approx. 1170.
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