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  • However that decision must be approved by the next higher level of the local party committee.
  • Since the 1990s, however, it has been approved in most of the cases.
  • It is approved in the United States for use as a second-line treatment.
  • Her father did not approve of her plans to enter show business.
  • Her marriage was not happy, as her husband did not approve of her writing career.
  • If she approves of your performance, she will join your festival team.
  • Once he approves of your results, he will join your festival team.
  • That was left for me to come up with and them to approve.
  • Secondary education is provided by institutions that are approved by the government for this type of education.
  • A woman usually approves almost any scheme for keeping money away from another woman. Cited from We Can't Have Everything, by Rupert Hughes
  • The proposal might take effect when approved by Congress and the states.
  • The parliament must approve the prime minister, as well as his or her government and program.
  • Once a position is agreed, it has to be approved by Parliament, by a simple majority.
  • No one approves of ways of life other than his own. Cited from Post-Augustan Poetry, by H.E. Butler
  • If approved, it would have been the final sporting event at the current stadium.
  • Her father does not approve of him, yet they are very much in love and want to get married.
  • Larger developments along the west coast have recently been approved and are in the process of being developed.
  • I have a little plan, and you might ask the captain if he approves of it. Cited from The Captain of the Kansas, by Louis Tracy
  • "I think it might just have been shot to management to approve or something."
  • Her father approves the way in which she has made her hand felt upon your cheek. Cited from The Love-Tiff, by Moliere
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Meaning of approve

  • verb Give sanction to
    I approve of his educational policies
  • verb Judge to be right or commendable; think well of