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  • White had only apprenticed at a law firm and never attended law school.
  • This was an early attempt to provide more general working class education for apprentices.
  • This led to his being bound to them as apprentice for five years.
  • William apprenticed at his father's trade, then went into business for himself.
  • The former allow only a certain number of apprentices to learn their trade. Cited from Monopolies and the People, by Charles Whiting Baker
  • The four apprentices fall in love with their sister and often fight to win her love.
  • Jackson began reading the law as a legal apprentice after he finished school.
  • Once she completed her education she went on to apprentice at a small-scale fashion house.
  • Gene soon became one of their star apprentices and almost immediately became a company member.
  • However, he was awarded the apprentice of the year title for the season.
  • He attended public schools, and then became an apprentice in a machine shop.
  • The structure consists of system of houses where the young men function as apprentices.
  • Her two daughters-in-law have been her apprentices for a long time.
  • He was accepted, and from that time began life as a live-in apprentice.
  • Apprentices from local industries attended general education classes as part of their day-release training.
  • While still a student he became apprenticed to his family coffee company.
  • As others learned the trade, they soon set up shop and hired apprentices.
  • The lack of places has changed the conditions in which apprentices are taken on.
  • Most boys were taught their father's trade or were apprenticed to learn a trade.
  • Most boys were taught their father's trade or were apprenticed out to learn a trade.
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Meaning of apprentice

  • noun Works for an expert to learn a trade
  • verb Be or work as an apprentice
    She apprenticed with the great master